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Gps tracking system

In nowadays the Gps tracking software attracts widespread interest all over the world.
Gps tracking (monitoring gps objects) system allows people in real time to track a location of vehicles, trucks, old people, children, domestic and wild animals, personal belongings or goods.

In order to implement gps-object's tracking you need gps tracking unit (GPS/GSM module), for example, such as Piligrim Stealth, GlobalSat TR-101/102 or Falcom Step-II.
which must be attached to a tracking object. All these units(modules) are small and can be concealed easily, for example,
in the car's glove box, under the car hood, putted on a dog collar or even inside a small woman's handbag.

Also, its indisputable advantage is the presence of autonomous power supply, thus no need for it to connect to the vehicle accumulator.

Another positive aspect is the availability of such functions as sleep mode, allowing the device off at a certain time.
This is due to the fact that a gps/gsm module (when sleep mode is on) can not be detected by any car alarm / GSM signal scanners and it allows the module to be inside quietly and observing the object for as long as it does not send a command to the gps tracking software.
This innovation makes impossible for car theives to find the module and get rid of it, when scanning the car.
Using GPS / GSM-modules of this type helps law enforcement agencies in search of vehicles to return them to their owners.

Gps tracking system can be divided into two parts.
1) Gps tracking device (gps/gsm module) - that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a a vehicle, person, or other gps object,
to which it is attached and to record the position of that device at regular intervals, or be transmitted to the PC, cellphone via GPRS, SMS.

2) Any PC, smartphone, communicator under Symbian, WindowsMobile with installed the Gps tracking software such as CarMonitor
That allows the gps tracking device's location to be displayed on a map either in real-time or when analysing the track later.

CarMonitor - a program that makes it possible to control the location of the tracking unit on a map, as well as track all its movements.
This software may also request a location from gps tracking unit or send a specific command to the unit for example to stop a car engine (if the gps tracking and car alarm units support that feature).

the CarMonitor works on cellphones under Symbian OS, communicators Windows Mobile operating system, as well as on computers with Windows.
This software allows you to track/monitoring any gps tracking unit both for vehicles, people, animals.

Configuring the gps tracking system, it should be putted on an a tracking object (car,bike,handbag) and be turned on.
Next to install the gps tracking software from the installation disk, say on the phone, and then make setting adjustments.
This can be easily done thru simple instruction manual steps.
The option "Add a Car" makes it possible to add a car in the list,
the option "Edit" allows you to input a SIM data of a Gps/Gsm module that to connect a gps tracking unit to the tracking software.

On smartphones, the program can be in the sleep mode. This means that when you receive SMS from a gps tracking device on a smartphone, the data are transmitted immediately to the CarMonitor and automatically recorded in the event log.

Maps used by the software, you can easily find on the Internet may also create your own map or calibrate pictures of Google-Maps service.
CarMonitor uses gps maps in ogf2 format.

CarMonitor can track at the same time up to three cars (tracking units). Also available versions with 10-50-100 gps tracking unit support.

Install this program on your mobile device, you get the opportunity to run it in the background mode. Thus, it will always be in action, and if necessary you will immediately receive the alarm signal.
This feature allows the CarMonitor to control your vehicle or any other gps tracking unit around the clock, and you won't miss a signal from your tracking device, The fact is that this software supports an audible alarm.

To support all functions of GPS/GSM module, CarMonitor has the ability to add new commands for that particular tracking device.
For example,You're on vacation, and you left your car at home. You are abroad and sipping a dring at a local bar, All over sudden you get on your cellphone an alarm from a gps tracking device that your car is moving. How that when the one and only driver at the bar now.
Thanks to the CarMonitor, you can determine precisely where your car is,
and can be in contact with law enforcement, to stop your moving car right next to the specified place.
This can be done only, if your car alarm system has an option to turn off the engine,
and GPS/GSM module is connected to the alarm of your car that supports the remote engine stop.

Exchange of data(commands) between the gps tracking module and the tracking software CarMonitor
occurs via SMS messages.
There is also possible to transmit commands via cellular GPRS from gps tracking module to the PC that is connected to the Internet, but that computer must have an IP address.
*) Only CarMonitor-Server supports commands sent by GPRS.

Gps tracking capabilities can now benefit from, not only the owners of transportation companies that track their vehicles and trucks, But also individuals with low budget.
It allows to make rather inexpensive equipment for today and simplicity and its convenience in installation and in use.
Being at home, you can constantly monitoring your car parked in the garage or keep an eye on the person having in ones pocket or purse the gps tracking module,
without attracting the attention of passers-by.
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