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SmartCom Navigator ( Version 1.06 )
for Symbian OS cell phones (series 60 / 60v3 / UIQ / UIQv3)

User guide


4.1.1. tap screen
4.1.2. to waypoint
4.1.3. by track
4.1.4. search in db
4.1.5. create track
4.3. SEARCH LOCATION (namesearch)
working with a database
4.4.1. choose map
4.4.2. detect map
4.4.3. download map
4.4.4. show waypoints
4.4.5. show tracks
4.5. DRIVE
working in the navigation mode
4.6.1. main
4.6.2. view
4.6.3. misc
4.6.4. sms
4.7.1. satellite view
4.7.2. sensors view
4.7.3. track player
4.7.4. edit waypoints
4.7.5. about
4.7.6. connect GPS
4.7.7. check release
4.7.8. edit track
4.8. EXIT
quit the application

SmartCom Navigator – is a navigation cartographic application for Smartphones based on Symbian. The application allows you with Smartphone to look through and scale a map, find streets and objects on maps and view framed routes or create new ones. *) the application doesn't support "point to point" autorouting.
SmartComNavigator with GPS-receiver (internal or external) lets fix a location and display it on the map. Additionally, you can record routes traveled and work with other navigational elements

SmartComNavigator is an easy to use software with a user friendly interface supporting all necessary functions that will turn your smartphone into a powerful navigation system. You can use SmartCom Navigator without GPS-receiver for example as a map browsing tool during excursions at an unknown places.

All program functions were divided into several categories that are available in one or two clicks in main menu.

1. About the program
1.1. Main capabilities

  1. Displaying a map on the screen and enables to search for objects
  2. Finding and displaying user’s location on the screen
  3. Comfortable map browsing
  4. Unlimited map size
  5. Map download mode (via phone's GPRS Internet connection) ...optional
  6. Supports .ogf2 maps
  7. Track and waypoint editors
  8. Track player
  9. Trip calculator in navigation mode
  10. Route editor
  11. Track search (search track to a given position using existing tracks)
  12. 100% compatibility with maps and data files of OziExplorer and SmartComGPS (can read .plt, .wpt, .map, .names)
    *) except ozf2-format, need to convert into ogf2-format.
  13. Fast zoom from 20% to 1000%
  14. Auto rotate map (always heading northward)
  15. Index map mode
  16. Satellite map view
  17. Full screen mode
  18. Searching for objects in database
  19. Automatic voice and visual instructions in navigation mode
  20. Send SMS with position from map
  21. Receiving and showing SMS'es on the map

2. Registration
2.1. Trial version of SmartComNavigator is distributed as Shareware. You have an opportunity to use a trial version of the software during the trial period. After that you must either buy a licensed version or remove the application from your phone.

To activate a trial version you should get a license key here

At present you can purchase SmartComNavigator online by a credit card or a bank wire. Additional information is located at

3. Installation
You can install the application on either your computer or Smartphone. We recommend taking the Smartphone user guide if you need the complete information about installation of applications on Smartphone.

*) Certificate error note: On some phones with a default setting which allows to install signed applications only. It could be disabled in
[Menu] -> [Tools] -> [Application Manager] -> [Setting] -> [Software installation] -> [All]
(Default is "Signed only")

We recommend installing SmartComNavigator on disk "C". After the initial setup, the application creates essential folders for its work:
Drive name:\System\apps\SmartcomNavigator - this folder contains program modules required for the application to work properly. Don’t delete this folder and files located in it. Otherwise the application will not work correctly. Also, during installation of SmartComGPS, set two directories - one in a mobile phone’s memory and another on a flash-card
* for Symbian phones series-60
c:\documents\SmartComGPS и
* for series-60 3d-edition Symbian phones folders are
c:\data\SmartComGPS и
* for UIQ / UIQ-3 series
c:\documents\Media files\document\SmartComGPS и
d:\Media files\document\SmartComGPS
those two directories have same structure. The subfolders are used for the following purposes:

  • Audio – in this folder you can put sound files for voice prompts during navigation in the Follow mode.
  • Maps – you can copy there gps maps. We recommend to store maps on your flash card, because the sizes of these files can be very large for the phone memory and may cause a phone malfunction.
  • Names – the folder for Namesearch database (*.names).
  • Routes – the folder for Route files (*rte). You can create routes on either your computer or smartphone.
  • Tracks – this folder for Track files (*.plt). By default SmartComGPS records tracks automatically and saves them into this folder
  • Waypoints – the folder for Waypoints (*.wpt).
  • ======================
    4. Menu description

    4.1. NAVIGATE TO.

    This section is to navigate to any existing object on a map. Also the program shows you an approximate path length and travel time and also prompts to you about turnings and what a distance is far from them.




    4.1.1. Tap screen.

    Set the ending point to navigate to (also possible to select the ending point on another map), search a track among existing ones to follow it (used if you already moved that way)

    4.1.2. To waypoint.

    By choosing the given mode it is necessary to specify a waypoint to navigate to or to choose from the list of waypoints.

    4.1.3. By track.

    Following by a track, it is possible to specify a mode of following to the beginning, the end of a track, to create additional points.


    4.1.4. Search in db.

    To select an object from current namesearch database, and assign it as a target to navigate to.

    4.1.5. Create track.
    Opens the track editor for using in the navigate to track purpose. Press the "Toolbar" soft button for additional popup menu
    a) add point, b) insert points in a track, c) delete point, d) clear current track, e) open track, f) save track.

    *) To make the cursor move by pixel, press the "pencil" button (for 60-series)






    4.2. BROWSE MAP.
    It is a mode, in which is possible to look through a map with the disconnected autorotate mode and automatic "follow to the object" mode (in the GPS on mode).
    e.g the marker moves on the map, but the map don't follow it.

    And if the marker is in that fragment of a map which is displayed on the phone's screen it continues movement in visible area, and as the point of coordinates of a marker leaves from a view, then the marker disappears in invisible area of a map, and on the screen, from that edge appears a sign (a red arrow) in what direction the marker continues its movement.

    *) The previous fragment of a map will be displayed, until the user manually will not press the button "scrolling" of phone.



    For an object finding use the "Search database" button.

    NameSearch - this is a database of waypoints, that group by categories..

    The Namesearch database can be opened, found and displayed the needed object on the map (if of cos the needed object is present in the database). from the database object can be created the waypoint. any database object can be signed as a target to the "follow to the object" in the navigation mode (see 4.1.4)


    4.4. MAP OPTIONS.
    This section is to open, display a map in the application. Also show / hide waypoints and tracks control.




    4.4.1. Choose map.

    You can select the map you want for displaying it on the screen. In the dialog box you can find maps included in the Maps folder. (For more information goto Installation)


    4.4.2. Detect map.
    The Detect map option lets you find the map you want in the "Maps\" folder. The map corresponds with your current coordinates and is displayed on the screen

    4.4.3. Download map. / optional /


    This mode is used to download the needed map segment from the internet via the phone's GPRS internet connection to SmartComNavigator.
    *) Internet connection has to be proper set up (not WAP-INTERNET).
    When choosing this mode the dialog box is appeared:
  • first field to choose a map server, from which the necessary map will be loaded. Also here can be specified a map scale.
  • The second and third field for coordinates which point to the center of a loaded fragment of a map.
    with GPS on, searched and downloaded the fragment of a map from a current cursor position.
    *) All previously downloaded maps are stored in the folder \Maps and can be used without connecting to the internet again.
    *) Your operator may charge you for the internet traffic.
    The Download map mode Not available in version 1.06

    4.4.4. Show waypoints.
    to show / hide waypoints on a map.
    *) the green mark shows that the mode is on.
  • 4.4.5. Show tracks.
    to show / hide tracks on a map, in "off" the record track mode is disabled.
    *) the green mark shows that the mode is on.

  • 4.5. DRIVE
    Navigation mode with the "autorotate map" on and display of the passed distance. In the given mode a map moves together with the cursor. if the more detailed map is found the program loads it automatically.
    In this mode by pressing the "toolbar" soft button, can be displayed the navigating panel in the bottom part of the screen,
    a) add point at current location, b) turn on / off to record a track in a file, c) clear track, d) save track, e) close this menu.

    4.6. SETTINGS
    4.6.1. Main.
    When the "Backlight on" option is selected, the screen will be illuminated during all use of the application. The field "Autosave data" allows you to choose the type of memory for recording of tracks, waypoints etc. You can record on either your smartphone memory or removable memory card. On the same tab you can indicate coordinate units and speed. Win and OEM coding fields allow you to see national letters correctly
    4.6.2. View.
    The "View" menu allows you to work with appearance of the program. You can tune in the view of the cursor, which points to your location. You can select cursor color, specify a color of its contour and size (large, middle or small). Here, you can specify text highlights, background and degree of transparency for text blocks as well.

    4.6.3. Misc.
    The "Misc" option allows you to choose color of main and additional tracks. The Track Line Width Parameter specifies the extent of a curve’s graduation passed through the waypoints. The Track Step Parameter specifies minimal distance between two waypoints. In order for sound signals work correctly, you should adapt the Waypoint Proximity and Track Proximity parameters. If your current location during traveling differs from the parameter specified in the Track proximity box, the Wrong Path Signal sounds. If you specified a parameter in the Wpt proximity box, the signal sounds when you are located in the waypoint zone.
    4.6.4. SMS.
    The "Send Position" option allows you to exchange coordinates via SMS. To send your location information automatically, specify SMS transmission interval, a phone number of the recipient, and color of your waypoints. In order to let other SmartComGPS/Navigator users get your location information, you have to specify your own PIN code on the SMS tab. In the future you can send your PIN code to others who you let fix your location.

    Attention! Your operator specifies the rate for all SMS you send according to your billing plan. Long use of the Automatic sending option with short intervals effects the balance of your personal account. It’s best to enter the phone number in the following format: [ +_country code__city code__phone number ]
    4.7. EXTRA
    This section combines addtional functions for connecting a gps-receiver, displaying gps data outputs. The information on the current version and tools for work with waypoints and tracks.



    4.7.1. Satellite view.

    In the main window of the program a map of satellites is displayed.


    4.7.2. Sensor view.

    In the main box there is only text block about Latitude, Longitude, Azimuth, Altitude, Number of satellites, Value Fix (2D, 3D, incorrect), Universal time, Current speed, Average and Top speed, Path length, Travel time, Nonscheduled down time.


    4.7.3. Track player.
    You can play some created or saved track. When playing the application shows you the whole track you passed displaying also your speed and all stoppages. After choosing this option, the track will play automatically: the route cursor starts moving on the screen and the route is being redrawn. The track is playing five times faster by default. You can enlarge or reduce a speed of playing tracks. Depending to selected option on the Layout menu (for more information goto "Layout") you can watch travel rate, path length, travel time, etc.

    4.7.4. Edit waypoints.
    This function is intended for work with waypoints. For creation of a waypoint press phone's "ОК" button, in the popup menu choose [add waypoint]. At prompting the cursor on an existing point and with pressing a "ОК" button, to roll up the menu for editing and removals of a waypoint.
    *) the soft button in this mode shows 4 navigating screen buttons:
    a) delete waypoint, b) open waypoint, c) save waypoints, d) back to the main menu.

    4.7.5. About.

    Information about installed application SmartComNavigator: its version and build.


    4.7.6. connect GPS.
    turn on / off the gps-receiver (GPS on)

    *) green mark shows that the mode is activated.


    4.7.7. Check release.
    Use that option to check the latest version, if the newest version is available, then a message is displayed.
    *) internet connection needed (Your mobile phone's operator may charge for internet traffic).

    4.7.8. Edit track.
    It is a special mode in which it is possible to edit tracks. For the track creation use the menu "Drive" with the record track on. (see 4.1.5)


    5. Thanks.
    We thank you for choosing SmartComNavigator! You can always get news about updates and new versions on our website
    All gps maps that used in this user guide can be found at

    *) You can email your requests and remarks to this software developer at


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