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Latest versions of SmartcomGPS, SmartcomNavigator, Carmonitor

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SmartComGPS is a GPS mapping, tracking, navigation software for Symbian OS cell phones. It is one of most advanced GPS mapping software on the market. 

SmartComGPS was developed for the all Symbian smartphones. It is compatible with external Bluetooth GPS receivers, and internal aGPS receiver of Motorola A920/925/1000 and build-in gps modules of some Nokia phones.

SmartComGPS can also work without GPS receiver at all, as the mapping software with namesearch ability and map displaying, and on the contrary, without maps, as a simple gps tracking software. But, when you've got maps and GPS receiver you can use all of SmartComGPS features.
At this time you can download the latest version of SmartComGPS not only in English and Italian but also in German, French, Russian, Chinese (reductive), Chinese (taiwanese), Chinese (Hong Kong), Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Lettish languages.


SmartCom Navigator is an easy to use software with a user friendly interface supporting all necessary functions that will turn your smartphone into a powerful gps navigation system.
You can use SmartCom Navigator without GPS-receiver for example as a map browsing tool on sightseeing at an unknown places to replace a paper map.

SmartcomNavigator does't have the map calibrating mode. Only SmartcomGPS does.
*) With The "Map Calibrate" mode you can make a map georeference of any raster image maps (in BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF formats) within application.

All program functions are divided into several categories that available in one or two clicks from the main menu.

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