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CarMonitor is the new gps tracking software and allows you to show location and current state of gps tracking objects displayed on a map and monitoring their traveling in the CarMonitor's invaironment. Using CarMonitor you can also send various commands via SMS to your gps tracking unit (car) at a range. This software can stop the car engine from any place of the world (* with GSM signal; ** If your car alarm system support that and the gps tracking unit / gps-gsm module connected to your car alarm)
CarMonitor is developed on cartographical basis of SmartComGPS.
This program is compatible with all cell phones (smartphones) based on Symbian, Windows Mobile operating systems and PC.
It works with gps tracking units (GPS-GSM modems / modules) or SmartComGPS fixed in a car.

CarMonitor supports following modems:
- Falcom STEP II
- Falcom A2D
- NAVI SAT 1100 / 1200
- GuardMagic
- GlobalSat TR101

You can download the last version of CarMonitor in English, Lettish and Russian languages.
Download CarMonitor.

In contrast to SmartComGPS, CarMonitor has new great opportunities:
- List of tracking units (cars);
- History of events;
- Able to detect a location of any tracking car from the list in every moment;
- Individually customizable colors, icons, texts and etc;
- Sound alarm;
- Displaying of sound alarms on map;
- Off-recurring sound alarms;
- List of customized commands for modem;
- Automatic recognition of messages from modems of various types;
- Able to export/import archives of the received messages, list of cars and commands.

CarMonitor is able to work with unlimited number of cars. If you want to get a version working with more than three cars, please contact us!

Before a purchase you can install and activate a trial version in full mode for 15-day period. Please register a trial code click here.
Single license of CarMonitor (up to 3 cars) costs 70.00$

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