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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Smartcomgps support build-in gps receiver of Nokia 5800 XM and Nokia X6 ?

A: Yes, Smartcomgps supports internal gps receiver of new Nokia phones including 5800, E66, E71, N79, N95, N96, N97, 6110, 6220, X6-16gb, X6-32gb,N8 etc..., but you need phone's certificate files (*.cer and *.key).

If you already have those(CER,KEY) files, then pack both into a Rar/Zip and email it to us. Within a day we'll give you a version of SmartcomGps for your phone (with internal-GPS support).


Q: How to get *.CER and *.KEY files for my phone?

A: It's very simple to get a third party phone's devcert (*.CER and *.KEY files), Please read the description that written by one of our users.


Q: When the signed version of SmartcomGPS we'll be available?

A: Yes, We'll expect that version in the near future, but now you need *.cer, *.key files to sign the version. You can email to us those files and we give you a version of Smartcomgps that works with your phone's internal gps.



Q: Where to get a map of Phuket (Thailand) for Smartcomgps?

A: You can find many gps maps (including the map of Phuket island) in ogf2 format at



Q: Can SmartcomGPS or SmartcomNavigator create a route from one point to another automatically, has a routing feature?

A: No, both SmartcomGPS, SmartcomNavigator don't have autorouting mode. A route can be created manually (point by point).


Q: on Nokia e61 installation process interupted by Certificate error, how to solve this problem?

A: Nokia E-series has a default setting which allows signed applications only. It could be disabled in
Menu->Tools->Application Manager->Setting->Software installation->All (Default is "Signed only")


Q: I bought my license of SmartcomGps at, now I have new phone. Can I move my license to that phone?

A: If you bought your license of SmartcomGps or SmartcomNavigator from the Wild-mobile e-store. Yes You can move it to your new phone.

Email us with this info:  [Subject] License transfer

1) Date and Transaction ID (TR#) of purchase

2) Your license number, old phone's IMEI number

3) New phone's IMEI number

4) Email address (you use when bought a license)


And If you bought your license from our website, then for a free license transfer we need

1) Date and Order number (Order#) of your purchase

2) Your license number

3) IMEI number of your new phone.

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