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SmartcomNavigator for cell phones under Symbian OS.
and the gps tracking software: Carmonitor (Smartphone and PC edition).
Here you can download latest versions, try a 15-days demo with all functions.
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SmartCom Navigator is an easy to use software with a user friendly interface supporting all necessary functions that will turn your smartphone into a powerful gps navigation system.
You can use SmartCom Navigator without GPS-receiver for example as a map browsing tool on sightseeing at an unknown places to replace a paper map.

SmartcomNavigator does't have the map calibrating mode. Only SmartcomGPS does.
*) With The "Map Calibrate" mode you can make a map georeference of any raster image maps (in BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF formats) within application.

All program functions are divided into several categories that available in one or two clicks from the main menu.

Main program features:
- 100% compatibility with maps and data files of OziExplorer and SmartComGPS (.plt, .wpt, .map, .names);
- Oziexplorer image files in .Ozf2 format can be converted by free tool (see our download page)
- Comfortable map browsing;
- Unlimited map size;
- Fast zoom from 20% to 1000%;
- Optimized for the touch screen cell phones UIQ and UIQ-3 series of Symbian OS

SmartcomNavigator doesn't support internal-GPS receivers (on cell phones such as Nokia 5800XM, 6110, 6220, E66, E71, N95, N96, N97, N79 etc...)

it can be used with Bluetooth (external) GPS modules only.


SmartCom Navigator - is light version of Smartcomgps, with the simplified user's interface,
and ability to download a needed map via internet. SmartComNavigator has all gps navigation functions.
**) The download map mode of SmartComNavigator is an optional feature, 
provided by the third party map providers, we cannot guaranty their service stable work.
The "Download map" Mode is Off in current versions.


- Trip calculator in navigation mode;
- Fullscreen;
- Supports tracks and waypoints;
- Track and waypoint editors;
- Automatic voice and visual instructions in navigation mode;
- Send SMS with position from map;
- Receiving and display SMS on a map;
- Satellites screen;
- Fast zoom out till 0,5%;
- Playing sound on GPS events;
- Track search (search track to a given position using existing tracks);
- Downloading maps from the Internet (Optional);
- Supports .ogf2 maps

SmartCom Navigator supports smartphones based on Symbian Series 60, Series 60 3-rd edition and UIQ, UIQ-3 series.

read the instruction manual for SmartcomNavigator ver 1.06

Before buying please try a demo version first.
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