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Internal GPS and GPS Mapping Software - Useful For Hiking

A Smartphone has become one of the vital part of modern life. 
Some time ago, nobody would think the difference between a common cell phone and a Smartphone.
Today, with massive increase in the Smartphone technology and sales,
many people find it difficult not to live with their Smartphone.
While Smartphone become more powerful, the GPS navigation becomes its integral part.

At first a GPS navigator was used in military services to get advantage on the enemy. 
At present, everyone could have a GPS navigator for their purpose as GPS navigator help
with displaying exact position and current location.

The most recent mobile Smartphone usually has a built-in GPS receiver.
This alleviates you to use the mobile piece of equipment as a GPS.
A lot of these GPS devices may normally bring similar features as most special GPS products,
but provide you with less functionality than the dedicated items.
For instance, some particular GPS mobile products can definitely only be utilized
within certain cellular provider’s carrier towers.
You can probably include obtaining maps for a specific region.

This is the reason why a Smartphone with Internal GPS and mapping software SmartComGPS are preferable.
You can use them for such diverse purposes like hiking, sailing, skiing, mountain biking or driving.
If you have ever hike in anywhere, your built-in GPS navigation device on your Smartphone
is very useful since it will show in detail the existence of the area you are in.

You will discover that one of the most advanced GPS mapping software
on the market would be GPS mapping/tracking/navigation software for Symbian-OS Smartphones from SmartComGPS ltd. 
You can easily run SmartComGPS without GPS receiver, however, providing yourself with a map
and GPS receiver would be great. Some main features of SmartComGPS would be its compatible
with OziExplorer maps and data files, unlimited map size, map chunks loading dynamically,
fast zoom in/out from 0.5% to 1000%, mini map mode, with fast navigation, satellites screen,
routes and track recorder, set way points, work with many raster map formats – even scan a paper map,
GPS coordinates exchange by sms, etc.

All new Nokia, such as Nokia 6200, Nokia 5800, Nokia n97, are GPS-enabled Smartphones
and support SmartComGPS software. Therefore, added your Nokia Smartphones with Internal GPS
and mapping software from SmartComGPS, and you can use GPS maps from your phone
in the planning part of hiking, during the hiking and in the evaluation stage after the hiking –
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