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Geocaching is Fun and Training with GPS Mapping Software Smartcomgps

Geocaching is an activity the families, clubs, and individuals enjoyed.
In the year of 2003, geocaching was just about a secret game a few people had heard of it,
since then geocaching grown a lot.
Geocaching is a kind of Easter egg hunt but more high tech. 
Someone hides a cache, which is a container of inexpensive bric-a-bracs, 
and then they post its longitude and latitude on the internet so that other people go hunting for it. 
If they could find the bric-a-bracs, they trade it and log into records their visit.

In playing the game, you need a hand-held Global Positioning Satellite receiver (GPSr). 
GPS is used in all forms of navigation these days. In geocaching, GPS sends signals these receivers use
to work out where on the surface of the earth the knickknack is.

You may ask what the game is if the GPS gadget takes you right where it is.
It is an inevitable question. Firstly, the gadget merely gets you close -- on average about 10 to 15 feet away. 
Secondly, to increase the challenge as well as fun, the cache is hidden -- either from geocachers or from muggles
(people who do not know about geocaching, and may discover the cache and take it, mess it up or throw it away.
However, the real fun is when you discovery interesting places around that you are probably unaware  

Geocaching is a fun game. It helps you learn more about GPS navigation, geography, 
and make you know better where you live. You will also learn on how to not to lost in unknown places
and will understand other GPS related system and services better.

Previously, the geocachers used Garmin navigators.
Nowadays, phones with internal-GPS (build-in GPS receivers) are more preferable as they are
in the same dimension to Garmin but with much more useful features. You can use them as cell phone
and GPS navigator –therefore, separate devices are not needed anymore.

The GPS mapping software SmartcomGPS contains useful feature like SMS send, request mode and other. 
So when you are geocaching, your team, you can split up and search in different directions,
but still knowing each other location from your cell phone screen and route your direction
to your team member. The SmartcomGPS mapping software will display coordinates on a map
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